Carasa Laboratorios

Personal care

Personal Care includes body care, bath and shower products, deodorants, and shaving lotions. We also have treatment lines with anti-wrinkle, anti-stretch marks, anti cellulite, anti-ageing, firming and nourishing creams, serums and lotions.

FARVITAL – CARASA ‘s extensive range of personal care products offer you a variety of ranges to meet your daily needs. The formulations are inspired by or based on natural ingredients to make you feel clean, refreshed and healthy.

We have a diverse selection of fragrances to have personal care products with the aromas that adjust to the preferences of different markets, as well as ingredients that personalize the textures of the products.

Our personal care range offers unisex, for women and for men products to suits everybody’s needs and make you feel radiant day by day.

Design, development and production of hair dyes