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Hair color

Hair Color is our core category, developed since the beginning of the company’s history and the one that has generated loyal customers who value our expertise and technological achievements in this area. FARVITAL – CARASA’s hair care lines are targeting consumers of various countries (over 35 countries worldwide), segments (professional and retail) and types of hair (Caucasian, African, Asian, etc).

Our mission is to provide hair color that provides softness, shine and most importantly health to your hair.

For decades we have worked in close partnership with hairdressers, salons and professionals of the hair color industry to help them deliver the dream of beauty and the art of coloring to the customers.

Our portfolio offers a wide and sophisticated range of shades (150 colors) with enhanced formulations, conditioning ingredients, natural extracts (jojoba, argan oil, corn oil, aloe vera, etc) and trendy packaging.

The FARVITAL - CARASA team will continue working with passion, understanding and enthusiasm to deliver shinny, trendy and personalized hair colors, to create results and to enhance the beauty of your hair.

Design, development and production of hair dyes