Carasa Laboratorios

Manufacturing facilities

Most of our cosmetic products are being produced in our Spanish factory. However, our newest facility opened in Brazil in 2004 is increasing it’s producton capacity and market presence rapidly. Modern equipments and high production standards guarantee the excellent quality of our products taking the respect of the environment into consideration. The dynamic, highly skilled and passionate employees of our facilities provide a superior level of services and capacity to respond to the changing demands and trends of the international cosmetic markets.


FARVITAL – LABORATORIOS CARASA's biggest factory, is located in Oyarzun, Spain. The factory, has an annual capacity of 40 million tubes of hair color and 3 million face cream units.

The plant specialises in hair color and hair & skin care products, although other product categories like shower gels and shampoos are also being produced.


FARVITAL – LABORATORIOS CARASA's plant in Brazil opened in 2004. The plant, located in Uberaba, has a highly skilled staff consisting of over 50 employees. The factory makes hair color, shampoos and hair care cosmetics but it’s specialized in nail polishes with capacity for 15 million units per year.

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Design, development and production of hair dyes