Carasa Laboratorios

Global supply

With decades of experience working in collaborations with international laboratories, supply centers, logistic hubs (own and externalized) we have developed a Global Supply infraestructure divided in the following main activities:

  • Purchasing of raw materials and components.

  • Supply and distribution planning with our suppliers and our own distribution & sales facilities. Supply planning plans from suppliers worldwide and distributies globally to more than 35 markets.

  • Manufacturing takes place in two production facilities manufacturing located in Spain and Brazil.

  • Quality Assurance controls and coordinates key procedures and activities within the FARVITAL – LABORATORIOS CARASA’s Quality System, with the objective of ensuring that our products and processes meet the correct quality standards. We ensure that the markets receive correct products, in the correct quantity, at the correct time, with the correct documents all in good condition.

  • Project & Process supports assurance of continuous improvements and innovation. In coordination with the previous sections we focus on driving continuous process improvements and to assure the quality of our processes, services and products.

Design, development and production of hair dyes